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Art and museums

Halmstad is a lively city for art. Here you’ll find a wide range of everything from local to international art.

The city is rich with public art that you can experience at first hand. The municipal council is also investing a lot in exhibitions and education. Mjellby Konstmuseum - Halmstadgruppens museumexternal link and Halmstads Konsthall together make up a basis for the municipal council’s art initiative.

Discover the art on your own

Do an Art Walk and dicover the art on your own with our map.
You can download both an english and a german version - see right hand side.

Well-known artists from Halmstad

A number of artists have lived and worked in Halmstad over the years. Halmstadgruppen, formed in 1929, was active for 50 years. Their group of friends included a number of artists who spent their summers in Halmstad.

Sven X:et Eriksson, Knut Gruve, Felix Hatz etc. formed "Söndrumskolonin" over a period of a few years in the 1940s. Other artists with connections to Halmstad include Olle Baertling and Edvin Öhrström. Even today Halmstad has a number of artists working here.