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Income support

Who´s entitled to income support?

In the first instance you must support yourself through your own income or through society´s other benefits systems (i.e. sick pay, housing benefit or unemployment insurance). When these options aren´t enough, or while waiting for them to be paid, you might be entitled to income support.

Arbetslivsförvaltningen (Work management) is responsible for evaluating the right to income support, and controlled by the social security act and the directives politicians in government have decided upon. When applying for income support the official will carry out an evaluation of whether you´re entitled to support before a decision is made. Applications are judged according to your needs, financial situation and whether you meet the set of strict requirements.

What should income support be used for?

Financial support in the form of income support is awarded in accordance with specific norms to cover household expenses. The norm covers the cost of food, clothes and shoes, consumables, leisure, child insurance, health and hygiene items, newspapers, TV fees and telephone. The amount paid depends on whether you´re a family with children, couple or living alone. The income support also includes reasonable costs for housing, electricity, home insurance, work-related travel and union membership fees and unemployment insurance fees. These costs need backing up with rental contracts, invoice specifications or receipts. Financial support can also be awarded for other necessary expenses following an evaluation for such things as glasses, healthcare, medicines and dental care.

What do you need to do?

If you are unemployed you must show that you´re actively looking for work. If you can´t work you need to back this argument with a doctor´s certificate showing that you are fully or partly unable to work. If you are ill then sick pay is the first course of financial support available. If you have assets, such as money in the bank or a house, car or fixed assets that can be sold then these must be used in the first instance before income support can be granted.

Supplementary pension

If you´re 65 or older and don´t have a pension or it´s so low that you can´t support yourself with it you should contact Pensionsmyndigheten (Swedish Pensions Agency)external link, opens in new window on: 0771-776 776 and apply for a supplementary pension.