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Violence in close relationships

Adults and children who experience any kind of violence in close relationships can receive help. Violence can be physical, psychological, sexual, material or financial and is harmful to all concerned. Help is there to provide support and belief in people’s own ability.

Kriscentrum (Crisis centre) - violence in close relationships

Kriscentrum deals with violence in close relationships issues. Violence in close relationships includes:

  • Partners
  • Former partners
  • Parents and children
  • Step-parents and children

Kriscentrum always has the child’s best interest in mind. To create a basis for a safe childhood parents need an increased understanding of children’s development and needs.

Staff at the centre are trained male and female sociologists and psychotherapists with extensive experience of psychosocial evaluation and treatment.

We are here for

  • Children who’ve witnessed and experienced violence in close relationships
  • Adults exposed to violence in close relationships
  • Adults who are violent in close relationships

What help is provided?

Kriscentrum (The crisis centre) provides help and support to anyone at risk through individual initiatives and/or in groups. Contacting us is voluntary and confidential. No contact is registered and no records are kept. If you contact us yourself you will remain anonymous.

We are however liable to report the matter to the social services if we are made aware of a child that needs protection, such as if a child is at risk or is witnessing violence.

Interpreters are available if required.

We provide

  • Advice
  • Individual discussions/treatment and in groups for children, women and men
  • Family therapy
  • Discussions for couples
Important telephone numbers
PoliceNorra Källegatan 3035-114 14
County HospitalA&E035-13 10 00
County council's public health lineHealth advice 24/71177
Social servicesConsultancy035-13 70 00
Social servicesFamily guidance035-18 27 20
Social servicesOn-call - evenings, nights and weekends112
Victim supportSomeone to talk to035-12 48 24
Women's crisis centre Viktoria 035-12 88 88
BRISChildren's rights in society035-11 61 11
Kvinnofridslinjen (helpline for women under threat of violence) 020-50 50 50