Fire ban

The municipality has declared a fire ban due to dry weather during the summer.

You may only

  • Use a proper grill on private property. Keep the heat away from the grass and please keep a bucket of water close by.

During a total fire ban, the following are prohibited

  • Outdoor fireplace or grill and open fires (bonfires), including on private properties.
  • Setting up your own camp fire or using a fireplace or grill in a public area
  • Any use of a disposable grill
  • Any use of gas burners
  • Using fireworks

Please avoid

  • Smoking outdoors
  • Operating machinery that can set off sparks outdoors

If you have any questions regarding the fire ban, please call the fire authorities at +46 35 16 00 99.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to make sure that a fire won't spread and that it's put out properly.