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Contact Halmstads Municipality


Opening hours

Visiting address

035-13 70 00

Monday - Thursday

Rådhuset, Kyrkogatan 5


Kl. 8 am - 5 pm


Phone hours


Postal address

Monday - Thursday

Kl. 8 am - 4 pm

301 05 Halmstad, Sweden

Kl. 7 am - 5 pm






Kl. 7 am - 4 pm



Do you have opinions that you think the municipal council needs to know about?

If you hand in your opinion to the municipal council, you’ll receive written confirmation from the activity your issue affects. An opinion has no limits, it could be a proposal, complaint or praise.

One example: Peter wants to point out that the street lighting in Oskarström should be improved. This is an opinion about a municipal council matter and Peter can choose between a number of different ways to put it forward.

Submitting your opinion

The easiest way is to fill in a form on the internet, or use one of the following:


Halmstads kommun
Box 153
301 05 Halmstad



035-13 70 00 (from Sweden)
+46 (0)35-13 70 00 (from abroad)

How we deal with your opinion

Opinions are registered in one of the municipal council’s journals. We contact you within one week and tell you who’s dealing with your case. 15 working days later we contact you and tell you what we intend to do.