SFI - Swedish for immigrants

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SFI is a basic Swedish language course. The course is aimed at people who don´t have Swedish as their first language.

Who can apply for the SFI course?
Anyone who doesn´t have Swedish as their first language can apply for the SFI course. You need to be registered in the municipality of Halmstad.

The SFI course and course material is free. You will need to supply your own dictionary and stationery. You cannot apply for a study loan on the SFI course.

How to apply?
Adult education applications are submitted in person to Anne-Lie Thilén de Spinola at Halmstad Kompetenscentrum, Brogatan 1, 302 43 Halmstad. Anne-Lie will provide general information about SFI and can be reached on 035 13 86 27.


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035-13 86 27
Brogatan 1, 302 43 Halmstad

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