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Family support

The municipal council provides advice, support and treatment for families. You will receive help with:

  • parenting
  • preventative relationship management
  • solving relationship problems
  • advice talks with children, youths and families
  • support family

The municipal council has specific responsibility for all children and youths aged 0 -20 to have a secure childhood.

We always assume that all initiatives are voluntary and that they’re formed together with you. Our aim is to meet families at an early stage in order to provide the right help at the right time.


If you’re unsure of what kind of help you and your families need then please contact the child and youths’ department’s unit for more information and advice.

The unit’s phone number is: 035-13 78 88.

You can also contact the unit if you suspect that a child is at risk and if you want to make an application or file a report.


In an emergency, call SOS Alarmexternal link, opens in new window 112.

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